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For completed images so far, click here.

The world has been a pretty turbulent and angry place lately.  I'm not great at people-ing and don't have much money to give, but I can draw pictures, so, for (at least) the rest of this year (2016), I just want to draw things that will make people happy, and that might also help the world in some way.  In aid of this, I've come up with a proposal:

Commission a picture from me; tell me what you want to pay (I've laid out some guidelines below; they are lower than my usual rates so that it'll hopefully be more accessible) and what percentage of that you want to see go to what charity (see below for a list).  I make picture, you pay me, you get the picture I made, I donate specified amount to charity.  Let's work together to make things better.


The picture
All pieces will be hand drawn in ink on good quality paper.  Expect black and white but I may include a little colour.  The subject/theme is up to you, but if you suggest a complicated idea I may need to simplify it.  Keep in mind I draw a lot of animals, plants, kids and monsters so those are good themes, but I'm open to suggestions! I'm also into lettering and other detailed stuff.  Unlike my usual commissions, I generally won't be able to provide pre-ink sketches or revisions this time.

Availability will depend on interest.  I'll take on as many as I can reasonably and healthily accommodate.  Let me know if you have a specific deadline in mind.

Price range:

£35 - £130 (+P&P: £2.50 UK, £3.50 standard everywhere else/£10 tracked everywhere else), free if you can pick up in person in Edinburgh)
You can decide exactly what you want to pay within this range, but this gives you a rough idea of what you can expect to get:
£35: roughly christmas card sized drawing
£65: slightly under A4 or A4 but less complicated
£130: Around A4 or a bit over

Feel free to propose a commission of over £130 if you like, but I won't be able to take on *much* larger commissions over this time.

For my own security, I have to request a 50% deposit before I begin work on a commission, with the second half due on completion.  Alternatively, feel free to pay the full amount in advance if you feel comfortable doing that.

Below is a list of some charities I think might be good to donate to.  Feel free to suggest more to me (I'll add them here).  I encourage you to think about what causes are important to you/the person you're giving the picture to and maybe support the smaller charities most in need of donations.

Local/Scotland: Gorgie City Farm, Water of Leith Conservation Trust, Citizen's Advice Bureau (Edinburgh or other), ARGH (Autism Rights Group Highland), The Autonomous Centre Edinburgh (incl. The Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty, food co-op and infoshop), Penumbra (mental health support in Scotland), Street Reads (books for homeless people in Edinburgh), Who Cares Scotland ("working with care-experienced young people and care leavers"), Refuweegee, Garvald Edinburgh.

UK/International/beyond UK: Trussell Trust (food banks), Shelter, Mind, EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered, conservation), Amphibian Ark, Viva Vaquita, Butterfly Conservation, RSPB, Carer's Trust (support for carers), Disabled Survivors Unite ("access to services for disabled survivors of abuse and sexual violence"), Women's Aid, Action for Trans Health, ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Planned Parenthood ("provides reproductive health services both in the United States and globally"), Standing Rock Sioux Tribe DAP Donation Fund, The Trevor Project (USA suicide prevention and crisis hotline for LGBTQ youth), Trans Lifeline (USA crisis Hotline by and for the transgender community), Centro Legal de la Raza (Bay Area USA. Bilingual legal services for immigrant, low-income and Latino communities), China Vision (supporting rights for people with disabilities in China).

It's up to you how much of the fee you'd like me to donate to charity (tell me a percentage or specific amount), but please leave me something for my own costs.  Food and shelter helps to keep me drawing :)  I can provide evidence of the donation if you wish (also I'll try to do the giftaid forms where I can, assuming I'm allowed to do that in this context).

Other stuff
I keep the rights to my drawings for these commissions.  I will also be sharing the images online, and linking in the charities where possible.  Let me know if you wouldn't like your name to be included in the share (also let me know if you'd like to keep it secret till after christmas/new year; we'll figure something out).

Each piece will also note the charity you have chosen in the corner or on the back.

Get in touch with me via the contact form here or via facebook or twitter (links below).

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